This five-year Strategic Plan is meant to offer the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) strategic direction and roadmap though which its vision and mission can be achieved. It was developed through a participatory process bringing together Council members, the secretariat, members and stakeholders.

The Plan is based on a firm foundation on which its Vision, Mission and core values are built. The Strategic Plan provides PRSK’s background, and identifies relevant legislations. It also details the Society’s core functions. Under situational analysis, the plan has identified key achievements, challenges and lessons learnt. SWOT and PESTEL techniques were used to conduct internal and external business environment analyses.

The plan has identified four key result areas, namely:

  1. Creating a robust regulatory framework
  2. Enhancing membership base and professional development
  3. Creating a credible source of knowledge and information on public relation and communication
  4. Enhancing governance, operational capacity and institutional development

Various strategies and activities have been devised and presented in the Plan. These are meant to help the Society achieve the desired results. Besides, the Strategic Plan provides an implementation matrix for monitoring the achievement of the strategic objectives. The Plan has also identified six risk areas, namely: Strategic, Financial, Human Resource, Political, Reputational and Compliance risks. These have been classified as either high, medium or low based on the likelihood of occurrence on one hand and the impact on the other.

Finally, to assign responsibilities for the achievement of the KRAs, the plan has incorporated a human capital establishment in the form of an organogram with hierarchical reporting for the key staff.

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