Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Download the form here and send it to . Feedback on your application and next steps will be sent to you on email.

5 days upon submitting of application; including processing of membership certificate. Processing of membership certificate upon renewal takes 5 days

  • Networking opportunities through fora such as PRSK annual summit, international conferences with PRSK partners, PR Connect
  • Discounted member rates to PRSK and partner (APRA & GA) trainings and conferences.
  • Thought leadership opportunities
  • Build your professional profile and access to over 2000 registered members
  • Career growth through mentorship- PR@360 and the PRSK Annual Boot Camp
CategoryRequirements Amount
Full2 years consecutive experience in PR & communication management

Education training in PR and communication management

Full-time engagement in PR & communication management
Registration – 5,000/-

Annual Fee – 5,000/-
AssociateIndividuals who are affiliated to the PR & communication management and can satisfy the membership committee as to their eligibility in this respect

Members can upgrade to Full membership as long as they meet the requirements mentioned above
Registration – 5,000/-

Annual Fee – 5,000/
Eligible for non-working individuals undertaking studies in PR or related courses

Students shall retain this category for a maximum period of one year upon graduation
Registration – 1,000/-

Annual Fee – 1,000/-

Yes, you can pay in two installments of 5,000/-

Our calendar year runs from 1st January- 31st December during which time subscription is active. Renewals can be made at the beginning of the year through cheque, M-Pesa Paybill or Bank transfer (link to payment details)

Upcoming Strategic Dev. Communication 17 Days 3 Hours 48 Minutes 25 Seconds
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