Studies show that the main road to success of any strategy begins with an effective implementation process that has as its basic foundation, a solid communication channel up and down the organization.  This channel and physical process may be created by the initiatives founded by the strategic implementation design which feeds all the elements involved in making the strategic plan and its goals a success.

This PRSK Strategic Internal Communication and Employee Engagement program is designed to ensure that the vital elements that are the foundation to a successful strategic program are put into motion, and controlled.

This program will highlight:

  • The critical role of monitoring the performance of programs and projects; and in steering the implementation process towards the intended results
  • Developing realistic program objectives and measures to determine outcomes for the strategic results
  • How to address the correspondence to the internal staff regarding who and why the organization is making necessary changes
  • Strengthens the organizations staff’s critical “buy-in” necessary when attempting to initiate stretch goals or new assignments


The Strategic Internal Communication and Employee Engagement program is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Assist staff in developing their goals in alignment with the corporate strategy and plan
  • Inform the staffs’ responsible for achieving their part of the strategic process what their participation in the outcomes needs to achieve
  • Helps to motivate the staff to innovate new business process ideas to achieve the goals set forth by the strategic plan
  • Reduces wasted initiatives, and time and money, by aligning every process in the implementation strategy to meet the time and budget outlays formed for the execution of the strategic plan
  • Help staff members deliver results to the forefront of their ongoing planning and reporting documents on a regular basis

This program instruction uses a number of learning tools including:

  • Case Studies on real life government examples; Good Communications Planning
  • Round table discussion groups to review and qualify the actual communications on-going or planned by members of the strategic execution team
  • Video references on examples of the skills necessary to achieve results
  • Presentation media on the steps to achieve Strategic Internal Communications

Open discussions on ideas and experiences with the participants


2019-10-24 8:30 AM 2019-10-25 4:30 PM Europe/London Strategic Internal Communications and Employee Engagement Testing Different Event Naivasha, (Kenya)
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Upcoming Strategic Dev. Communication 16 Days 18 Hours 21 Minutes 35 Seconds
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